4th January 2016 – Happy 2016 everyone

We say good bye to a year where Cannabinoid science again moved significantly forward.

St George’s Hospital, University of London has now carried out research on the six most common cannabinoids. “These agents are able to interfere with the development of cancerous cells, stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from growing,” Dr. Liu said. “In some cases, by using specific dosage patterns, they can destroy cancer cells on their own.. -Read More-

30th August 2015 – The Scientist . . .

This week the legendary Dr Oliver Sacks left us. Many people remember that he was played on-screen by the magnificent Robin Williams in the film Awakenings. Dr Oliver Sacks was a wonderful man with a beautiful mind and a joyous spirit. He specialised in neurological disorders and his writings demystified his subject making it accessible. The New York Times described him as the poet laureate of contemporary medicine. His work helped ordinary people to understand mental illness and to see it differently from the taboo it used to be. His contribution to our lives is far greater than we’d imagine and he was most definitely a friend and contributor to humanity. -Read More-

August 1st 2015 – Out of the Blue . . .

We started this charity nearly 18 months ago and at almost every event that we attended, we spoke with people at length, some of whom then revealed that they’re in the Police force. Many of them were already aware of some of the plant’s medical values and were genuinely interested in the information that we had to share. They too have loved ones suffering with illnesses. None of them had ever heard of the EndoCannabinoid System, but they all quickly understood the importance of its role and why we ask people to Love their EndoCannabinoid System. They all understood that without the ECS, cannabis would have no medical value for us and on each occasion, we offered to do a presentation for the force. . . They told us candidly that people on cannabis hardly ever cause the police any bother. -Read More-

Feb 19th 2015 – The Burning Issue

Our charity is concerned with the medical use of cannabis rather than its recreational use.
That said, our medical users have a wealth of invaluable hands-on experience.
We would like to share some of this information as it is germane to BBC Radio 4’s “Cannabis Week”.
We are three days in and there is still no mention of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
The BBC is normally well researched, yet has completely missed out on the importance of the ECS.
The BBC is not alone; the majority of medical schools around the world do the same.
The ECS is science fact. Confirmed in 1990 yet astonishingly, most doctors haven’t even heard of it.
A quarter of a century has passed and the ECS still isn’t featured in Gray’s Anatomy – Incredible. -Read More-


Ammonia released from heated ‘street’ cannabis

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