August 1st 2015 – Out of the Blue . . .

We started this charity nearly 18 months ago and at almost every event that we attended, we spoke with people at length, some of whom then revealed that they’re in the Police force. Many of them were already aware of some of the plant’s medical values and were genuinely interested in the information that we had to share. They too have loved ones suffering with illnesses. None of them had ever heard of the EndoCannabinoid System, but they all quickly understood the importance of its role and why we ask people to Love their EndoCannabinoid System. They all understood that without the ECS, cannabis would have no medical value for us and on each occasion, we offered to do a presentation for the force. . . They told us candidly that people on cannabis hardly ever cause the police any bother.

So there is a delicious irony this week, one where the double edged sword of Austerity is now revealing its unintended consequences. The budget cuts being placed on the 43 UK police constabularies over the next five years have forced the police commissioners to place their focus and resources on serious criminals. We are writing this post as we see this is a landmark week. Out of the blue, Durham was first, then followed by Derbyshire, Dorset and Surrey whose forces are said to be willing to turn a blind eye to those who grow cannabis for personal use.

Their decision may have been influenced by the amazing outcomes that Portugal has gained by decriminalising all drugs fourteen years ago. Portugal went from having one of the worst drug problems in Europe, to one of the lowest. Counter-intuitively, hardly anyone dies of an overdose in Portugal any more.

Professor David Nutt has worked tirelessly showing that our current drug policies are not only misguided, that they are not even evidence based. The police live in the real world and are not blind to this information. Prohibitions don’t work and that the war on drugs is a failure.

They are all too aware that 23 American States have legalised medical cannabis and are now providing a flow of patients whose lives are being saved or markedly improved using this plant’s cannabinoids. Also the obstacles are finally being removed so that medical cannabis can be tested at the Federal level. Colorado has made headlines worldwide for the cannabis plant’s economic viability but what is more important is that road deaths are down, murders are down and crime generally is down PLUS a whole new branch of medicine is being born. These are truly amazing times. TWENTY FIVE Years after its discovery, the genie of the EndoCannabinoid System is finally out of the bottle and it’s not going back.

It is a secret no more.

What is important to note is that the UK law on cannabis has not changed, cannabis is still Class B, illegal. The Commissioners recognise the importance of policing by consent. Indeed, it is at times like this, where we become aware that Britain has such a deep wealth of folk with critical thinking and integrity, that it makes you feel proud.

It looks like they’re sending out the message: Of all the people that the Police have had to arrest, this is the group where there is no victim, in fact the person may be a patient and this plant is helping this patient in ways that the NHS is not currently allowed to deliver . . .
Four down, thirty nine to go.

And so it begins …

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