The Herbal Hundred

  • We strongly believe that our Government needs to recognise the damaging reality going on in our land. To help open their eyes, we are now compiling a list of people who are prepared to be the first of the Herbal Hundred. Many patients in the UK have used or are using medical cannabis to save their lives, and are doing so because conventional medicine cannot help them. Many others are living with chronic, life-sapping pain. Without medical cannabis, they would simply become a burden on society; instead with dignity, they are able to contribute to society. Making their own medicine from a natural plant will also save the NHS money, and should be a human right. In reality it always has been for all of human history, except between 1937 and today.

  • The first one hundred people on the Herbal Hundred will be the truly brave pioneers helping our government to wake up and recognise an important “lost” part of our healthcare. The Herbal Hundred is a growing register of people offering their name, address and their illness. It will also list the strains of plants that they grow and how many they will normally have, to make the medicine that they need. The register will not be available to the public or the media, only to the Police. Those on the register will be happy for the police to pop round for a cup of tea and to inspect the plants. For the Police NOT to break down their door and NOT to consider them as criminals. The understanding is that if the police want to arrest one, they have to arrest all on the register.

  • When the register hits the 100 mark, the register will be handed over to Scotland Yard in front of the media. Naturally, the register will carry on growing. Medical Cannabis is vital medicine and a human right. We should not be criminalised simply because the government is deliberately confusing medical need with recreational use. If you would like to be one of the visionary Herbal Hundred please contact us. We will need to know that you are genuinely ill, we will also protect your identity and keep you informed throughout.