30th August 2015 – The Scientist . . .

This week the legendary Dr Oliver Sacks left us. Many people remember that he was played on-screen by the magnificent Robin Williams in the film Awakenings. Dr Oliver Sacks was a wonderful man with a beautiful mind and a joyous spirit. He specialised in neurological disorders and his writings demystified his subject making it accessible. The New York Times described him as the poet laureate of contemporary medicine. His work helped ordinary people to understand mental illness and to see it differently from the taboo it used to be. His contribution to our lives is far greater than we’d imagine and he was most definitely a friend and contributor to humanity.

Our charity recognises that when it comes to friends of humanity, it is quite clear that the world of medical cannabis is full of unsung heroes. There are literally thousands of amazing people around the world, helping others to be illegally healed rather than becoming legally dead. That said, there is one man, whose tireless academic work is literally giving birth to a whole new branch of medicine. His work led to the discovery that we (and our pets) all have an EndoCannabinoid System. This knowledge is already saving lives and over the next decades, as laws change, millions around the world will owe their lives to the work that he has pioneered.

So who is this great unsung hero of science? It’s Professor Raphael Mechoulam.
A humble man, his friends call him Rafi and yet his audacious, original work is an inconvenient truth to others, as it changes much of what we thought we knew.

Bizarrely, as yet, he is unknown even to the vast majority of the medical world. That really needs to end very quickly as it holding back the advancement of science and costing lives. The growing realisation in the world of medicine is that it is not truly possible to talk about health without also including the EndoCannabinoid System. Yes, it really is that important.

Please make the time to watch this well-crafted documentary “THE SCIENTIST”, it’s only one hour long and provides a brilliant insight into the life and study of a great scientist and human being.

Dear friends, please raise a glass in memory of the great Dr Oliver Sacks and celebrate the wonderful work of Prof Raphael Mechoulam, both great friends and contributors to humanity.

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