Our mission is to freely share knowledge about using medical cannabis.

We offer support and advice to patients in need of help. We recognise that medical cannabis is safe and effective. We believe that medical cannabis, like all proven medicines, should be legal and available free of charge, for all patients in need of its curative properties.

We believe in and are dedicated to the use of freedom of information for everyone’s benefit. Many turn to medical cannabis because conventional medicine can do no more, their prognosis is terminal, or that they are in such chronic pain that they cannot work. These are the very people in our society who are most in need of vital information AND your support. Please help us. Your donations are absolutely essential in setting up this charity, run by a group of people who, as a result of using Medical Cannabis, are either cured or in remission from our illnesses. We are starting with no funds or equipment, just the compassion & desire to help others. Please help us so that we can relieve pain, aid recovery and give people another chance at life. Thank you.


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Landon’s Story is the incredibly moving story of a brave family who successfully battled Leukeamia with cannabis oil, and who then had to battle the authorities: meet Landon, a three year old boy, and Sierra, his mother.