Our charity is evolving because we have realised that too many people are suffering and dying needlessly, simply because they do not know that we all have an EndoCannabinoid System (ECS). Discovered in 1990, biochemists and molecular biologists are discovering the crucial role the ECS plays in keeping us well (homeostasis) and returning us back to health when ill. This knowledge can literally save our lives, or that of our loved ones. So our prime purpose now is to educate everyone about the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS) and about the vital importance of our own ECS. All vertebrate creatures have an ECS and naturally that includes our pets.

We aim to support those seeking information and guidance through forums, social media and our new website (currently under construction), communicating the latest breakthroughs in cannabinoid science in a way that is easy to understand.

We will explain the differences between endogenous cannabinoids, exogenous cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids and especially the natural synergy of the “entourage effect” that takes place between different phytocannabinoids. We will take every opportunity to encourage and promote the study of the EndoCannabinoid System in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology or neuroopharmacology, as one of the most exciting “new” fields in medical science.

Love your EndoCannabinoid System.